One Should Stay Close To The Gain Line

It is known as one of the most crucial game plans in the game of rugby. In this strategy, a player is advised to sat close to the defensive line irrespective of the situation. They are also advised to be in parallel with the gain threshold. In this way, you can limit the movement of the offense player and can advance towards the ball more efficiently.

Player matching

It is known as a situational strategy as the defensive players should match the offensive players in size and number. It is also called of the oldest strategies in the game of rugby. With the help of this approach, you can truly excel as a rugby player. It would be easier for the team to handle and control the flow of the game if they follow this strategy.

More on situational defensive tactics

If you are a defensive rugby player, then you have to keep in mind that you have to rely on situational defensive tactics. You have to adapt yourselves to the conditions and should improvise as per the situation. On the other hand, you have to lay emphasis on the abilities and weakness of specific players in the opposition team. Hence, inculcate these strategies and be a fantastic rugby player.